Strike Ball 2 Deluxe



Arkanoid raised to the maximum power


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If you like arkanoid style games, you'll welcome Strike Ball 2 Deluxe, a game based on Arkanoid that spices it up with lots of ingredients that make the game to be even more addictive than the original.

The way you play the game is the same. You control a platform placed in the lower side of the screen and you move it to left and right in order to make a ball rebound on it and destroy the parts placed above by bouncing on the them.

The first levels can be a bit easy, but they get harder as long as you pass levels. Furthermore, Strike Ball 2 Deluxe ad new graphics and 3D scenarios and that makes the game even funnier.

During the game we'll destroy blocks that give us power-ups such as rocket launchers, gun, power ball, two balls, three balls, magnetic platform, etc.

Strike Ball 2 Deluxe offers the addiction of Arkanoid and a bit more fun and better graphics. Put off what you had to do this afternoon, this game will keep you hooked for hours.
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